Peach Tree Health CEO Urges Senator to Oppose Repeal of ACA and BCRA

June 26, 2017
RE: Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA)

Dear Senator:

I write today on behalf of Peach Tree Health and the 31,000 patients we serve in the greater Sacramento
region of Northern California. We ask that you remain in strong opposition to any attempt to repeal the
Affordable Care Act (ACA), particularly the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) recently released by
the Senate.

As you know, the ACA is working in California, bringing care and coverage to millions of Californians and
building the quality of our health care delivery system. Community health centers such as Peach Tree
Health play a central role in the success of the ACA, and have worked tirelessly to meet the needs of the
newly insured. To take away that coverage is to devastate our most vulnerable populations and destabilize
California’s health care system.

Rolling back the Medicaid Expansion, capping Medicaid programs, reducing subsidies, and removing
Essential Health Benefits will have the net impact of further isolating and hampering health, wellness and
opportunity for our most vulnerable communities in addition to eliminating jobs, increasing financial
instability among your constituents, and destabilizing the economy. Increasing the number of uninsured
will have a negative financial impact on our health delivery system and on our health center.

Since the implementation of the ACA, Peach Tree Health has seen a 40 percent increase in Medicaid
beneficiaries who for the first time in a long time had access to primary care as well as comprehensive
insurance coverage. The ACA brought California’s communities access to quality medical, dental, vision
and behavioral health services, bringing peace of mind to your constituents, and stabilizing the health care
delivery system and local economies that depend on a healthy, strong population.

The BCRA is not a replacement for the ACA, and would ultimately lead to millions of people losing
coverage. We ask that you be in vocal opposition to this bill and other efforts to repeal the ACA
without an adequate replacement.

Greg Stone
Chief Executive Officer

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