Behavioral Health

Our Behavioral Health team works closely with our medical, addiction treatment providers, and perinatal providers to ensure that we are treating the WHOLE person. Peach Tree Health provides a wide range of services to support inclusive mind and body wellness. We have a wide range of services including, individual therapy, group therapy, and medication support.

Behavioral Health Providers:







Rosanna Leo, LCSW (Linda)







Mark Miller, LCSW

Group Therapist (Linda)







Rocio Rosas, LCSW, Linda / Live Oak

(bilingual Spanish)







Dr. Luigi Dulanto, Psychiatrist, Telepsychiatry, Linda / Yuba City / Sacramento







Camesha Harper, LCSW (North Sacramento)







Yer Yang, LCSW

(bilingual Hmong)

(Yuba City)







Rene Reyna-Tobar, FNP