Behavioral Health

Our Integrated Behavioral Health team works with your medical providers, addiction specialists, and perinatal providers to give you whole person care. Our Behavioral Health providers offer a range of services to all ages.  Any behavioral health services offered to ages 5 and under require guardian involvement in all sessions.

Most commonly, we provide treatment for things like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar, post-partum depression, grief, ADD/ADHD, co-occurring treatment for addiction recovery, and SO MUCH MORE!

Service Options:

Therapy can be completed in person, on video chat, or on the phone.  There may be instances when your provider requests you come in person if you choose a telehealth option.

Psychiatric Medication Support (Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner & Psychiatrist) services have to be completed in person.  All patients receiving medication must have their vitals taken and meet with our telehealth providers inside the clinic.  Psychiatric medication providers do not provide therapy.

Services Offered:

  • Individual therapy (adult & children)
  • Group Therapy (Group content can also be completed in 1:1 sessions with our group therapist)
  • Psychiatric Medication Support
  • Family Therapy
  • Case Management
  • Resource Linking
  • Budgeting/Assistance Planning education

What’s NEW with Behavioral Health:

  • We have a partnership with Prosody Health (  to offer behavioral health assessments via text message.  This provides you privacy to answer questions on your own time and not use a therapy session for assessments.  You will receive a text message from your therapist through Prosody Health to complete assessments that are stored in a HIPAA secure platform that your behavioral health provider can review and discuss at your next session.
  • We are welcoming behavioral health interns for the 2021 and 2022 year.  Interns are still attending school, but are need real life experience to apply their knowledge.  They may be shadowing appointments with your provider, running groups or classes, or providing education to you.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Common Behavioral Health Forms:

Adult Treatment Agreement

Adult Treatment Agreement SPANISH

Child Treatment Agreement

Child Treatment agreement SPANISH

Telehealth Consent

Behavioral Health Providers:







Rosanna Leo, LCSW (Linda)







Mark Miller, LCSW

Group Therapist (Linda)







Rocio Rosas, LCSW, Linda / Live Oak

(bilingual Spanish)







Amara, Patient Resource Navigator







Sarai, Medical Assistant (All clinic locations)







Maria – Medical Assistant (Sacramento and Linda)







Dr. Grose – Psychiatrist







Erika Estrada -Behavioral Health Coordinator







Camesha Harper, LCSW, Program Manager (North Sacramento)







Yer Yang, LCSW

(bilingual Hmong)

(Telehealth ONLY)







Kim, Nurse Care Manager (Linda & Sacramento)







Gurpreet, Lead Medical Assistant (Live Oak & Yuba City)







Meredith Evans, LMFT, Director of Integrated Behavioral Health







Erin Alig-Dimalanta, LMFT (Yuba City)







Pamela Coleman-Snow – Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner







Franchesca Tucker – Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (starts 6/6/22)