COVID-19 updates from our local Bi-County Public Health Officer, Dr. Luu

Dr. Luu continues to recommend hand-washing and practicing good hygiene. Vulnerable populations – the elderly and those with chronic illnesses – are encouraged to stay home as much as possible and avoid large gatherings. Keeping yourself from getting sick in the first place remains key in this effort.

If you have experienced any symptoms of acute respiratory illness such as fever, chills, or cough and have recently traveled to a country with widespread community transmission (Iran, Italy, China, South Korea), or been in close contact with a patient who has had CONVID-19, immediately contact your medical provider by phone – do not go into Urgent Care, the Emergency Room or doctor’s office. Instead, you should call your personal physician, who can access whether your illness matches those of CONVID-19 and if testing should be completed.

If testing is indicated, the physician will contact Dr. Luu, Bi-County Health Officer for consultation.

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