Election Candidates Agree on the Importance of Health Care

In this election season, the news headlines may lead us to believe that politicians can’t agree on anything. There is one issue that both Republicans and Democrats can and do agree on – the importance of Community Health Centers to our nation’s health care system. That there is a rare bipartisan consensus around a health care program should come as no surprise. Health centers have been around for over five decades, successfully rooting out sickness and poverty in some of our most challenged communities.

Not only do we save the system more than 24 billion dollars a year and reduce unnecessary hospitalizations, we treat patients for a fraction of the cost of one emergency room visit. That is just one reason why House and Senate lawmakers in Congress recently signed their names to funding letters that declared health centers a model of care that offers a “bipartisan solution to the primary care access problems” facing our nation.

Even more remarkable is that during National Health Center Week 2016 (August 7-13th), many of these same Republicans and Democrats will join other local, state, and national leaders and visit a health center in their local community. They will do so to show their support for a community health program that has delivered results for over 50 years with lower health care costs, healthier people, more jobs, fewer visits to the hospital and fewer dollars spent.

Peach Tree has enjoyed support from all or our representatives which is evidenced by our long history and growth in the region. This year, Peach Tree Health celebrates 25 years of caring for our communities in both Sutter and Yuba counties.

Peach Tree Health provides comprehensive medical, dental, vision and behavioral health care services across the life span. Peach Tree Health serves over 27,000 patients annually through our numerous locations and will be opening a brand new Pediatric Primary Care and Dental Center in Yuba City in early 2017.

Peach Tree Health is proud of our long history and looks forward to continuing our mission of caring for our communities.

Greg Stone
Chief Executive Officer
Peach Tree Health

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