Our Vision & Mission

Mission Statement

Peach Tree Healthcare is committed to providing personalized, affordable, high-quality health services.

Vision Statements

• An inspiring, enduring community.
• A voice of hope, opportunity and change.
• A center of healing, learning and thriving.
• To be the provider of choice for quality primary and specialty health care and an advocate for services that improve the quality of life in our communities we serve.
• We envision a time when all residents of our most underserved, have local access to high quality healthcare provided by well trained, high quality healthcare professionals.
• To be a corporation of excellence, striving to provide affordable, accessible primary health care in a manner that exceeds client expectations.

Values Statements

We are committed: We are foremost a team who is united in purpose and dedicated to the compassionate service of others.
We demand excellence: We do it right and have a relentless pursuit of the highest quality of care.
We are compassionate: We are concerned for the needs of others and responsive to their changing requirements.
We have integrity: We are honorable and dependable stewards of our resources and adhere to the highest standards of trust, respect and transparency.