Peach Tree Partners with River City Medical Group to Spread Innovation

Peach Tree Health has entered into a new partnership with River City Medical Group (RCMG) to expand access to primary and specialty care services in Yuba, Sutter and Sacramento counties. Starting in November 2016, all of Peach Tree’s managed Medi-Cal patients with Anthem Blue Cross in Yuba and Sutter counties will be transitioned to RCMG for their outpatient health insurance services. These patients will be combined with the many Peach patients in Sacramento with River City plans through Anthem, Molina and Health Net insurance to become one large regional service plan. Patients with California Health and Wellness plans will not be impacted by this partnership.

RCMG is a progressive Independent Physician Association (IPA) uniquely dedicated to serving the Medi-Cal population. RCMG’s mission is to recognize and meet the needs of the community and to address patients with creative and culturally sensitive care solutions. RCMG serves as the bridge between health plans, patients, and providers. As one of the largest Medi-Cal IPAs in Northern California, RCMG helps families gain access to health care and connects them with other support resources in the region.

In 2014, the State of California expanded managed care into Northern California encompassing Peach Tree Health’s service area. Peach Tree Health has utilized the managed care system to enhance services at Peach Tree Health facilities which also leverages a larger network of specialists through health plan and IPA networks. By entering into a regional IPA partnership with RCMG, Peach Tree Health will expand access for patients to specialists providing services in Peach Tree Health facilities and throughout the region. Additionally, Peach Tree Health will increase efficiencies to score savings in the managed care environment and reinvest in Peach Tree Health facilities to further enhance the patient centered medical home model.

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