Pediatric Dentistry Program Expands In Yuba City

Peach Tree’s Pediatric Center in Yuba City now has a brand new dental suite and medical center just for kids! Our new dental clinic has four dental exam rooms, equipped with amazing imaging equipment and new exam chairs. Patients will share the pediatric clinic waiting room and reception on the first floor where they can easily access both the medical and dental services from one location.

Building the medical and dental services on the same floor was purposeful.  Our goal is to provide same-day medical and dental checkups for our pediatric patients.  This saves time for their parents and guarantees each child has a regularly scheduled comprehensive exam. Peach will be promoting early dental hygiene and education for our youngest kids with goal of starting regular dental care at the first birthday or first tooth. The Yuba City dental team will also serve as a referral source for the Yuba and Sutter county mobile dental clinics.  Patients with complicated treatment needs or when urgent dental issues pop up when the mobile clinic is not at their school can now be referred to our new clinic for follow up.

Lastly, we are excited to announce Peach Tree’s new partnership with UC San Francisco’s School of Dentistry.  Our Yuba City pediatric dental clinic will soon train UCSF dental students as part of their dental residency rotations.  This partnership with UCSF will provide Peach with a regular rotation of new dentists to help with our patient workload and will ideally increase our access to great new dental providers for the future.

Learn more about our mobile dental services here!

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