Protecting Privacy: Peach Tree Health Case Study


Delivering a Cost Effective Way to Protect Patient Privacy

Peach Tree Health, a network of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FGHC), provides comprehensive medical, dental, vision and behavioral health services in Northern California. Operating 8 health centers and 2 mobile dental clinics that serve over 27,000 patients through almost 90,000 visits, Peach Tree Health’s mission is to extend personalized, high-quality care to the community and effectively bridge a gap in health care access to many of their area’s most under-served populations.

Like all medical office environments, protecting patient speech privacy at Peach Tree Health’s locations is critical. Patients and staff have hundreds of sensitive discussions regarding medical information and treatment every day, and to provide the best environment for patient care it’s imperative that they feel those conversations aren’t being overheard by unintended listeners. Protecting speech privacy is particularly important in reception areas and exam rooms where patients and staff are most likely to interact. Read full article from Cambridge Sound.

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