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My Friend Melissa Hates Diabetes

I mean, Melissa is straight-up relentless when fighting this disease; and she’s winning! Melissa George, DNP Peach Tree’s Diabetes Program Director has been systematically aiming both barrels of her personalized healthcare and education program on our patients with the most uncontrolled high blood sugar levels. Patients routinely present to Melissa’s Diabetes Prevention and Care Program…
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It’s Not Just About Insurance Coverage… It’s the Costs of Healthcare That Is Killing Us

It is hard to find another major industry that provides something to its customers without disclosing the cost of the product before you receive the service or goods. Imagine if you did not know how much your airline flight and hotel cost you until you received a bill four weeks after your trip. What if…
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Peach Tree Health ACA Repeal Letter

On behalf of Peach Tree Health and the 30,000 patients we serve, I am writing to share our opposition to the recently introduced American Health Care Act. The Act harms our communities by rolling back the coverage and services for our patients that are accessed through the Medi-Cal program and Medicaid Expansion.
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Repeal and Retain Plan Hits the News

No sooner did I complain that we were stuck waiting for detailed instructions, this week the US House of Representatives introduced two bills that when combined are being referred to as the American Health Care Act. I have received a high volume of email and hallway inquiries from staff asking me how this new plan…
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Repeal and Replace Feels Like a Game of Red-Light/Green-Light

Do you remember the playground game called Red-Light/Green-Light?  All the kids line up on the blacktop or on the ball field. One kid plays the role of the stop light and faces away from the line of kids and says “green light”. At this point the kids are allowed to move towards the stoplight. At…
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Clinical Support Team are my Heroes

The call center is the heart of our daily work at Peach Tree Health. The staff serving our phone callers is the beginning of our service delivery and the start of our patient care experience. When designing the workspace layout for our Clinical Support Center and administration offices, I was very deliberate about a few…
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I Will Take “Things Nobody Really Knows” For $500 Alex…

I can imagine having this category on a current episode of the game show Jeopardy, and the topics under this category filled with questions about the policy changes resulting from a Trump presidency. Every major foreign and domestic policy of the Obama administration has been called-out by President elect Trump for elimination. Now that he…
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Peach Tree Proudly Grows Its Own

Few things make me more proud as a leader as when I have the opportunity to promote our talented staff into new leadership roles. Peach Tree strives to create career paths for our employees that allow for personal and professional growth.  Whenever possible I look within our organization to find our next supervisor, manager, specialist…
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Election Candidates Agree on the Importance of Health Care

In this election season, the news headlines may lead us to believe that politicians can’t agree on anything.
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